Short Game Programs

Short Game Programs are a great way to focus on a specific area of your game that is often neglected and overlooked. Players that have the ability to turn 3 strokes into 2 or 1 stroke in the approach and short game, gain strokes on the field every time they play. Mastering the short game is about understanding and skill acquisition. At Carl Sarahs Golf, our short game programs focus on creating an understanding of the key elements of the short game that help create a reliable short game. We then devise games/drills to help you being more proficient and confident with your newly acquired skills to take them to the course. 

Wedge Mastery


Bunker Play


Putting Elements


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Carl Sarahs Golf "Short Game - Hall of Fame"

  These PGA Tour Players are Short Game Wizards and we put them in our hall of fame for their wizardry. They make the short game look easy because they understand what is important to make them extremely reliable short game players. A short game program can help you begin the journey to mastery of the short game. Carl Sarahs Golf has mentored under Chris O'Connell, coach to Matt Kuchar and he hopes to share the insights he has learned from Chris and Matt with you.

Luke Donald

Luke Donald - Bunker Wizard Student of Pat Goss

Zach Johnson

Zach Johnson Putting Wizard - Student of Mike Bender

Matt Kuchar

Matt Kuchar Wedge Master - Student of Chris O'Connell

"The Short Game is a discipline within Golf, like Hurdling is within Sprinting."

 Mastering and understanding the simple techniques of the short game will lead to lower scores and increased game enjoyment.

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