Adult Golf Programs

Mark Broadie changed the stats game in golf when he released his book "Every Shot Counts" and introduced the Strokes Gained statistics. At Carl Sarahs Golf, our focus with all of our Adult Programs is to maximize the ability of the player to gain strokes on their opponents. This may be in the short game area, in helping the player gain distance or in making them more repetitive, so they consistently hit more fairways and hit the ball closer on their approach shots. The analysis of a players game, extends beyond just swing technique to truly help the player play their best golf ever. Find the Utah Golf Instruction program that matches your goals below.

Individual Instruction

Private lessons are an excellent choice for the golfer looking for individual attention during their learning experience.  Carl believes in a holistic approach to game development focusing on all aspects of the players game and approach. The success of any program is to enable the player to become more efficient, consistent and reliable.

Semi-Private Instruction


 Learning with a friend can be a great motivator. A small group of work colleagues or some friends is great for team building. Semi-private instruction is a great way to take longer sessions at a reduced rate.  Semi-Private Instruction rates apply and sessions are limited to 6 students.

On-the- Course Instruction

Taking your skills to the golf course is what the game of golf is all about. 

In what other sport can you have your coach be standing right beside you as you perform on the playing field. Taking playing lessons where you receive feedback on the course on various aspects of the game is must for any golfer's improvement program.  On-Course Instruction is available on a limited basis and Carl's hourly lesson rates apply to each session.  

Custom Golf Schools

Custom Golf Schools from Carl Sarahs Golf focus on many elements of the game of golf, for example:

Small corporate groups have enjoyed this coaching format of instruction, selecting an element of the game (multiple available) and incorporating a blend of instruction, dining and some on-the-course elements. Custom Golf School Fees apply and are offered on a limited basis.

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Sergio Garcia

Henrik Stenson

Rory McIlroy

Lee Westwood

Carl Sarahs golf "Hall of Fame" - Hitters and swingers

The Professional Tours are full or players that have discovered the ability to swing a golf club phenomenally well and strike a golf ball. The Hall of Fame is full of players that have additionally discovered the ability to produce a correct, repetitive impact and manage their golf ball around the golf course. Players have managed their golf balls in many ways, through shot-shaping (leverage/hit), controlling the release (blocking) or stabilizing the release (throw/swing). There is not one correct way, they all work. Bubba Watson and Tom Watson shape the ball. Zach Johnson and Jordan Spieth, stabilize the release, outwardly and Henrik Stenson and Sergio Garcia, throw the club, inwardly and they are all correct. The goal with any swing is to produce a correct, repetitive impact and to have the distance and control to play golf. At Carl Sarahs Golf, this is our goal for all our players. Here are some very reliable players at impact.

"what does next ball better really mean?"

We believe, if you understand the instruction given and you are physically able to perform what we ask, you should hit your:

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