"golf dna"

"Every golfers swing is unique like their fingerprint"

Carl Sarahs Golf Approaches every student ansan indivdual

Teaching philosophy

As a coach and instructor my role is to help a player reach their potential. I believe that every player is different and unique and they should be treated that way. Understanding the player and what makes them unique is key to the success of our coaching relationship. The goal is skill development through deep practice that may be unconventional, outside the box and different. The goal is always the same, perform a closed skill, in an open environment, and being able to adapt, to create consistency and reliability in performance.

Matt Kuchar

"The power is in the program, to help skill development"

“Although talent feels and looks predestined, in fact we have a good deal of control over what skills we develop, and we have more potential than we might ever presume to guess.”

Daniel Coyle, Author of the Talent Code

"Every player is unique"

“The good Lord, in his infinite wisdom, did not make us all the same. Goodness gracious, if he had, this would be a boring world, don't you think? You are different from each other in height, weight, background, intelligence, talent, and many other ways. For that reason, each one of you deserves individual treatment that is best for you. I will decide what that treatment will be.” 

Daniel Coyle, Author of the Talent Code

Bubba Watson

"The Hall of fame is full of different golf swings, the goal is repetitive and correct"

The hall of fame is full of many different swing styles and shapes. Each player from Jack Nicklaus to Lee Trevino to Ben Hogan, from Lee Westwood to Jordan Spieth to Rory McIlroy and from Bubba Watson to Mike Weir to Phil Mickelson, from Davis Love III to Henrik Stenson to Sergio Garcia. From Tommy Gainey to Allen Doyle to Jim Furyk to Seve Ballesteros to Matt Kuchar.

These players through coaching, hard work and learning all have discovered a way to produce a repetitive ball flight pattern that suits their swing category, background and style. The swing may not form a model or look pretty or appear fundamental but it "works under pressure, repetitively and consistently". Allen Doyle, a Champions Tour multiple-winner is the most outrageous example of consistent and repetitive but not pretty. They said his swing when recorded was the most repetitive swing ever recorded. It also can be classified as the "most unique" looking swing. The goal in any swing is repetition.

As a coach my responsibility is to help a player become more repetitive and correct to help them achieve "their personal goals". A tour player will have very different goals than a second year player, who plays once a week. My role as your instructor is to help you #hityournextballbetter and to get you started on the journey to consistently good golf, repetitively and have fun in the journey. Learn more about customized programs for adults and juniors.

"doing things a little different, straying from the pack"

“Deep practice feels a bit like exploring a dark and unfamiliar room. You start slowly, you bump into furniture, stop, think, and start again. Slowly, and a little painfully, you explore the space over and over, attending to errors, extending your reach into the room a bit farther each time, building a mental map until you can move through it quickly and intuitively.” 

Daniel Coyle, Author of the Talent Code

"lone wolf"

Tommy Gainey

"Skill Development"

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes myelin, and myelin makes perfect.” 

Daniel Coyle, Author of the Talent Code

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